Monday, April 30, 2012

Power: Solar Panel and Motor: Any way to regulate the transfer of power?

solar panel on critical energy: striff question : solar panel and the engine? Any way to adjust the transmission power I am an engineering student and an individual project as a hobby, I bought a small solar panel and a small solar motor. I plan to make a small solar-powered toy cars. The question I have is: Is there a way to connect to a check or other means of power control, which is absorbed by the cells? Other wise the engine will simply continue to run. Any response would be greatly

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Magnetic motor-generator - how to produce cost-free stream with a magnet generator

magnetic motor-generator - learn how to generate electricity for free with a magnetic generator Articles by Judy Meyer A generator is a device that supplies power in case of power failure. It is driven from an electric generator that supplies of gasoline, the regulator for the electricity industry and motor interconnected to create a capacity of manufacturing machinery. The generators are supposed to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. There are a variety of available generators

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

What type of solar cells required to power a camera 5w/2amp?

Tip some recent solar panel in the test: question from Tim ? What kind of solar cells needed to power a camera 5w/2amp What kind of solar cells needed to power a camera 5w/2amp? The camera is always, it is up to 5W, but usually less. The solar panel is charging a 9300mah battery, the camera is connected. Do I need a high capacity battery? I live in southern CA.Ok, I was wrong about them with the help of two AmpèresIl used a maximum of 5 watts, the power cord that connects it 5w/2amp, the

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I lost my blue-tongued skink someplace downstairs in my home? How do I lure him out?

Most popular Tesla house in product:
Question by Tre: I lost my blue-tongued skink somewhere downstairs in my house? How do I lure him out?
My little bluey, Tesla crawled under the couch one morning, and then when I looked under, he was gone! I am worried sick! I've checked the closet, office, pantry, laundry room, and bathroom! Where is my little lizard?

Best answer:
Answer by Love All Animalslook in the warm and dark spots near heaters or warm pipes under all the chairs in presses

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

power: Where do I find details about creating a property wind generator?

Some recent Wind Generator Tip on Review:
Question by : Where do I find information about building a home wind generator?
Okay, starting to get a handle on this stuff. What is the best resource for a home wind generator? Plans would be nice too.


Best answer:
Answer by ♥BETH♥I would start by asking your county extension agent or inquiring at a local farm supply store. Your local electric company may be able to help you too.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the

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Power: Why different light sources impact the output voltage of a solar cell?

Photovoltaic panel most well-liked product: question ? Why various light sources impact the output voltage of a solar panel ? If they all have the same luminance Halogène60 300 WWWW incandescence13 CFL9 LEDMeilleure Answer: Reply from billrussell42 Almost certainly since they have a distinct spectrum of light output. The solar cells are extremely particular wavelengths of light, they work more effectively than that .. Write answer to this question below!

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Friday, April 27, 2012

The Future of Power: Alternative Power and Green

The Future of Energy: Alternative Energy and Green These days more folks recognize the require for option power sources to locate, including green energy. Green power is energy that comes from renewable sources that do not pollute the atmosphere. Fossil fuels like oil and coal have a significant impact on international warming and rising costs for fossil fuels have caused a heavy financial burden on society. There are now numerous governments and businesses, the considerable investment in

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New Free Energy Generator images

More cool free energy generator Plans:

Energy_animal Linear electric generator | solenoid

Image by

The Energy_Animal is a device that produces renewable energy from the wind, the sun,
and the waves.
The Energy_Animal can produce energy is a variety of irregular weather conditions, producing a reliable output.
Mostly made of free recycled materials, attracting and concentrating marine life instead of repelling it.
One Energy_Animal can be part of an

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sol Technique: An exploration of option energy sources

Check out this to alternative power: Sol System: An exploration of option power sources Picture of the_exploratorium A number of dreamers and manufacturer of electric autos DIY joined us for an exploration of alternative energy sources at the Exploratorium Right after Dark in Octobre.Photo Shannon Laskey Paras. © Exploratorium,

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What are the respective amplitudes of the electric oscillation of the magnetic field?

popular magnetic force in the product: question of Kristina Marie : What are the corresponding amplitudes of the oscillating magnetic field electric The average energy flux of the incident sunlight on the top of the atmosphere of the Earth is 1.4 x 10 ^ 3 W / m ^ 2 What are the corresponding amplitudes of the oscillating magnetic field électriqueMeilleure Answer: Reply from Kirchwey electric and magnetic fields? I (peak) = 2I (AVE) = 2800 W / m ^ 2 E = sqrt (I (peak) * z0) = 1.027,

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Totally free energy of attorney types - 5 Safety Guidelines

Performance Free Proxies - 5 Safety Tips A product of Sawyer A proxy is a practical document for an agent to interview business on your behalf. There is also a document that can be misused or used in fraudulent transactions. You may need a lawyer, while recovering from surgery, while on vacation or retaining the services of a professional such as a property management company. Whatever your reasons, the following guidelines to ensure your safety based 1 Choose an agent carefully Be

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Atmos Clock - Perpetual Motion?

The Atmos Clock - Perpetual Motion?

The Atmos Clock called, erroneously, the perpetual motion clock, first saw the light of day in the early seventeenth century.
It's close to perpetual motion, but no cigar! It violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics, as well as the law of conservation of energy, since it fails to produce energy from nothing. Not only that, but these clocks do require servicing, usually every 10 to 20 years. Perpetual motion would mean the negation of friction and any

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to save on property energy audits to raise money for utilities?

home the most popular of the free energy in the product: question of Bishop ? How to save home energy audits to raise money for aid programs Recently I was given a free home energy audits at home, in which a number of energy saving lamps have been added to my home. I understand the obvious way to save money for me, the end user, but I have trouble understanding how this saves money for utilities. Ultimately, I'm paying them less as a result. ? Someone please help me to understand their

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perpetual motion machine

Check out these perpetual motion machine about:

perpetual motion machine

Image by beccaplusmolly
jacob, nonetheless only to

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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Future of Power: Option and Green Power

The Future of Energy: Alternative and Green Energy
Today, more people are becoming aware of the need to find alternative sources of energy which includes Green Energy. Green energy is energy that comes from renewable sources that do not pollute the environment. Fossil fuels such as oil and coal have had a significant impact on global warning and the price increases of fossil fuels have caused a serious financial strain on society. There are now many governments and companies making

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Good Green Energy Solutions idea

A few nice green power solutions review I located:

TiEcon 2009 Cleantech Panel

Image by Kevin Krejci
"Market and Green Stimulus Influence", starring:
Honorable Chuck Reed - Mayor of San Jose
Dr. Richard Swanson - Founder, President and CTO, SunPower Corp
Steve Westly - Managing Partner, The Westly Group
James C. Davis - President, Chevron Energy Solutions
James L. Sweeney - Director, Precourt Institute for Power Efficiency, Stanford

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Totally free Energy Blueprint - Perpetual Motion Magnet Motor

Planning Free Power - Perpetual Motion Magnet Motor Articles by Jack Marshall These days, the use of alternative energy sources to choose not an unusual option. However, there are still people who are concerned about the actual benefits that offer these alternative energy sources. An energy source that is a perpetual motion magnet motor. It has been around for years, but many are not familiar with all its advantages. Click here for instant power boost Blueprint FREE now! Already in 2002,

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Self Sufficiency By way of Power Conservation & Simple Living

Self Sufficiency Through Energy Conservation & Simple Living
Article by Josiah Fordahl
Self-sufficiency is the most versatile and guaranteed weapon that can build a habit of easy living without depending upon the scarce resources of natural energy. In fact, it is the best and world-renowned process of making ourselves totally independent. In this fluctuating world of economic crises and natural disasters, it is becoming increasingly important to become self-sufficient and save natural

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The zero-field generator Magniworks - The future of energy

Magniworks zero-field generator - The future of energy When we hear the word free, there is a tendency to immediately suspect. The exception is certainly Magniwork then be to create for this great generator field current point nobody really free. Are zero magnetic field generating electricity has been around for some years now, but the technology had never been accepted in spite of hundreds of working models have been produced. Magniwork is groundbreaking even though the technology

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Iso Power_Animal

some nice download free criticism of the energy that I found: Energy_Animal iso Image The Energy_Animal is a device that generates energy from renewable wind, solar, and vagues.Le Energy_Animal can produce energy a kind of irregular weather patterns, producing an output fiable.La usually free in recycled materials to win, and concentrate instead repousser.Un Energy_Animal marine life can be a part of a farm energy, or it can go from his propre.Il

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Electromagnetic Compatibility as it relates to EMI Testing of Mobile Cellular Phones

Electromagnetic Compatibility as it relates to EMI Testing of Mobile Cellular Phones
Article by CVGiCanada
The branch of electrical sciences that studies inadvertent generation, propagation and reception of electromagnetic energy as it applies to the unwanted effects that such energy has is called Electromagnetic compatibility or EMC. What EMC attempts to do is to determine how items can function properly when exposed to other objects that use similar technology that might generate

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Shane Bekian and Tesla electric auto

Tesla Electric few nice review I found: Shane and Tesla electric cars Bekian Picture of Bekian Bob href = "" Bob Bekian Photos Read more Find out more about who we are. Loyal Studios Home Bob Bekian of IMDB cool stories about what we have done. Loyal Studios Blog href="" rel="nofollow"> Pro HD Rentals

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why is Exxon Coal and great struggle against green energy?

popular green energy solutions in the product: Question of average college student : Why is Exxon Coal and great struggle against green energy Green energy and green jobs are the perfect solution for the economy. Although it takes years and funding, the fight will be very useful if you can go to a nature preserve and the waters that the answer vapeur.Meilleure : Reply from thorcorn water vapor is a greenhouse gas. Write answer to this question below! partnership for clean

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Corduroy by Tesla

Fresh Tesla Electric Plans: Cord Tesla Image of Netik

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Magnetic Motors Free Energy - Magnetic Energy for the provide of property

Motors free magnetic energy - magnetic energy to your home magnetic free energy motors are becoming increasingly popular and systems for solar panels and wind turbines. energy-efficient products such as these are very popular due to rising energy costs and because many people have of saving our planet with the energy that is interested less harmful to the environment. is a free energy magnetic motor, a magnetic device that integrates the use of rotating permanent magnets to produce a rotor

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Saudi Arabia and solar energy

Some nice review of solar energy that I found: Saudi Arabia and solar energy Picture of martnpro In addition to its vast oil reserves of Saudi Arabia is ideally situated to take advantage of solar energy. The country has a large research program on solar energy cooperation with the United States, Germany and France and several villages experimental "solar energy". I took this photo in a research center near solar Rhiyad. kind of high-energy rock music is a new twist of a band

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Hunting the Energy Vampires

More cool green energy home Plans:

Hunting the Energy Vampires

Image by elycefeliz
79/100 Possibilities~ 100 Possibilities Project set

“If your home is typical, you live with 20 vampires.”

A "phantom load" is any appliance or electronic gizmo that uses energy even when turned off.

Some people call them "vampire appliances" or "energy vampires."

Phantom energy is drained by items including computers that still use power even when they're asleep,

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An option energy supply? Magnetic power generator rotor

alternative energy source? Magnetic Energy Generator One thing you should know: the magnetic energy generators are not comparable with regular features energy saving. They are so great because they power your whole house absolutely free of charge. Since the zero-point energy of the magnetic generators they use the available free energy is known as a magnetic force that to provide free electronic energy. That is because they are in constant motion. There is no need for another device or with

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How to build a windmill, and water for the science project was worked on?

Windmill on the reviews Energy: question by Nicholas A. ? How to build a windmill, water was also for the science project worked In the construction of a windmill operated water well for a science project. Its basically a windmill that would power a mini-weight of 500g up, then down, after it is fully set up, at least 10 times, effectively. Any ideas or sites to show me how to do this Unfortunately, weight is 0.5 NMeilleure Answer: Response time by Peter H Many ideas for the party

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Nice Magnetic Perpetual Motion concept

More cool magnetic perpetual motion Plans:


Image by 7263255 Thefree energy devices have been suppressed by the corporate world, because such devices, would allow people to create their own energy for free, which would ultimately shut down the big energy corporations, because people won't need to pay anymore for electricity to fill their pockets. http
Video Rating: 0 /

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Monday, April 16, 2012

can you get perpetual motion from magnets to generate energy?

Most popular perpetual motion magnets in product:
Question by jdogg: can you get perpetual motion from magnets to produce energy?

Best answer:
Answer by HeliosYes, but the BAD old government keeps it covered up because they want to sell more gasoline...

Paranoids Forever!

Give your answer to this question below!

How To Create Your Own Reality
The Real Secrets To Creating Your Own Reality. Makes 'law Of Attraction' Look Like A Kindergarten Class. Very, Very Few Returns. A

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Magnetic Power Vs Solar Power

magnetic energy vs. solar energy If you are seeking for option power sources, then you have probably heard both Magniwork and solar energy. Magniwork to land makes use of magnetic force to supply electricity, solar power uses the sun's energy to offer electricity. Throughout my search for an alternative supply of energy, I knew I would try one of the two, but I did not know what is. I thought, 'Is Magniwork a scam? "Or" is solar energy really operate? "That's why I decided Below" What the

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three Positive aspects of the free of charge magnetic energy generators much more Ot

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Totally free Approaches to Create Power

to produce paths to power cost-free Post 24 of - Z - Ken Surette You know the old adage: "Nothing at all in life is free?" Effectively, it is not often accurate - specifically when there are s' These independent energy sources as identified naturally in the atmosphere such as magnetic and solar power. Learn how these substitute power sources can create free of charge power in your residence and save a small income. Solar Power Solar power is collected sunlight and is effortlessly

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Good concept of ​​electromagnetic power

Check out this electromagnetic energy: (foreground) SPEECH series cost-free - Totally free Energy: ME, the cosmos and the United Nations (2007) Picture of href = "">

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Amega Wand - came up with ...

Check out this zero-point power: Amega Wand - came up with ... Image Kotomicreations Appeared before some copies or fakes, I heard so detailed that I had and worked effectively ... Jump to: www.mag tutorial and the testimony of the building of a magnetic power that is totally free device does not generate electricity for domestic use, for how was it done at www. Adhere to these easy installation plans MAG personal Magniwork magnetic energy generator for your

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Pedal Power

Energy coolest free plans: Pedal Energy alt = "Make

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tesla @ Residence

Check out this house on Tesla: Tesla @ Home Image Jurvetson At last! Follow the development of this electric car for almost two years ( pictures ) The battery charger. .. solarCity at high speed on the left side, and it combines with the solar panels. No more gas!

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tesla free energy generator

tesla free energy generator
Article by stefani redden
Most of you may be wondering what a magnetic generator is. Can it provide you with free energy? How can it reduce your electricity bill? Well, the reason is simple - it utilizes the ideal of free energy. The inner energy inside the magnets, which are static, can be utilized to power an appliance or even triumph over those deficits which are a result of friction.Magnetic generator free energy is also known as overunity motor or

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How To Free Energy Nikola esla From The Sky make

How To Totally free Power Nikola esla From The Sky do Articles by Canhdong Learn how you are employing a device, 100 years old, you throw your energy bill at the door. Tesla's secret product is a confirmed and successful implies of generating free of charge electricity - and assists the Atmosphere.Click to discover the huge bonus href = "">

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Magnetic Motors Totally free Power - Magnetic Power for the supply of residence

Motors cost-free magnetic energy - magnetic energy to your residence magnetic totally free energy motors are becoming increasingly well-liked and systems for solar panels and wind turbines. energy-effective products such as these are really common due to rising energy charges and because numerous men and women have of saving our planet with the power that is interested less harmful to the environment. is a totally free energy magnetic motor, a magnetic device that integrates the use of

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Grow Your Property Based Company With the help of the great A-list

Grow Your Enterprise home with the support of a huge list Articles by Aimee can Tesla sell your home on the internet organization make good profits and grow considerably if you list to uncover trustworthy wholesale suppliers for your product use. These lists will give you info about wholesale sources in all item categories. Giving the large-data in one spot, producing the activity of delivering the merchandise less difficult. You do not require to invest endless hours looking for suppliers,

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Great thought, Tesla plans

Check out these shots of Tesla: Tesla Shop Picture of Steven Vance Now ouvrez.Comme observed on my weblog . Tesla Generator is a revolutionary AC electric generator which is utilized worldwide in homes. Tesla generator plans or plans are obtainable for immediate download. Pay a visit to the major website for a lot more information Tesla generator.Note Video: 5/five

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Power fees in the Rocket

Some great assessment energy bill, which I identified: Power bills rocket Year peak from London Permaculture

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Have you heard about the new Tesla electric automobile?

Some newer Tesla Electric Board Review: Question James : Have you heard the new Tesla electric automobiles Tesla Motors is the production of hybrid vehicles that are supposedly 135 miles per gallon of gas are obtained. These are not inexpensive, tiny vehicles rebuilt. These are electric and hybrid automobiles that appear like full size. Most people would like to do on cruise around with out frequent stops at gas stations. They would also save income. Despite the fact that the new

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Great Green Energy Property thought

Check out these green power residence about:

Free of charge Energy # 32-1 Totally 100% OFF GRID Home BY THE RENEWABLE Power Portion 1 John and Dana of had the pleasure of getting invited to Mike Strizki's home for an interview and a opportunity to check out some of the cutting edge technologies he and his associates have been operating on. Namely, Mike is operating with hydrogen energy in combination with solar power and water to produce a closed-loop technique of

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

the military has a margin of safety for green power / alternative however?

well-known green option energy in the product: question ? the military has a margin of safety for green energy / alternative however ? Every yrs of work in green power Greatest Answer: Response time CW Yeah! There is also a safety margin to be a hippie ... in fact it really is the identical MOS. Add your own answer in the comments!

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Download Free of charge Thoughts Power Mastering

Master Thoughts Energy cost-free download all started on a Sunday in a Winter Estate Sale. My wife dragged me to look at some antique furniture is that it interested me was there was bored and irritated, to my wife examined methodically the article right here, the search for that specific case, it is understanding that someplace. Click here to download a copy I was tired of standing and sitting on a cardboard box by the men and women searching through what seemed packed undesirable. Perhaps

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Option energy is the way of the future

Option energy is the way of the future
Article by Ted
Alternative energy is derived from natural, renewable resources, such as wind, solar and water. Not to be confused with the truth that option Energy the only factor that is lost at the finish of the international warming, international leadership, eliminates the dependency on foreign power will create millions of jobs (Yes, also in the band of rust) and keep our lives by signifies of the twenty-initial century.Adour Global option power

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The free power generator HoJo is a function in progress

HoJo free energy generator is a work in progress Article by Joyce, Samuel Imagine the ability to electrical energy for you to heat and cool the house, to produce the performance of your equipment and keep your lights all free for you and at no cost to the environment . While the free energy Tesla generator, based on plans put together by Nikola Tesla over a century ago, has become increasingly important as the world struggles to find viable alternative energy sources. Nikola Tesla was an

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Want Cost-free Energy? Develop a Wind Generator

Want Free Power? Build a Wind Generator
Article by Kari Larson
It's true... You may have heard it and not believed it, but you can build a wind generator on your own. Even better, is the large amounts of money you can save when you build a wind generator, instead of purchasing one from a wholesaler or retailer.It is easy to build a wind generator with the plans and instructions available. By utilizing used auto parts, odds and ends, and general supplies from your local hardware store,

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What does it take to implement environmentally friendly power?

Some newer Tip Green Power Critique: Query Laila c ? What does it take to implement environmentally friendly Power You promised in the course of your campaign for the implementation of green power, but we saw little has been completed. ? Do not you feel it would be a wonderful chance to not only function brief term, but to create in the lengthy run be Best Answer: Reply from whsgreenmom It is recalled that the President of the United States has small power, it does not have the right to

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Exactly where can I see Rocket Power is obtainable for free of charge on the web?

Some newer energy Tip Review: Rece query ? Where can I watch on-line for totally free Rocket Energy I used to totally adore this show as a kid, and I really want to start off watching once more. But I as well lazy to have to get the DVD, it really is everywhere, I see full episodes on the web for cost-free? I've searched for two days, but so far I have not found ... please and thank you :) Greatest Answer: Reply from Red_Comet identified

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Generate Free Energy Utilizing Perpetual Motion Devices

Generate Totally free Power Making use of Perpetual Motion Devices
Post by Steve Hobbes
Perpetual motion devices are said to be machines that develop valuable energy without any energy input. It is widely taken for granted that anything at all outside science is impossible, hence theoretically perpetual motion devices do not exist as they definitely contradict the law of thermodynamics.But there are many devices, true and conceptual that appears to be in perpetual motion hence known by the

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

energy: Free of charge Pdf file of a Prentice hall textbook?

Free Energy Pdf on energy reviews:
Question by : Free Pdf file of a Prentice hall textbook?
My teacher did not give me the right book, and since im doing independent study i cant borrow a book from anyone. The center i go to isnt open during the weekends and i really need this book because my work is due this Monday. My library doesn't carry the book either, so please help.? The book is need is Science Explorer (M), Motion, Forces, and Energy, 2000 from Prentice Hall. I need to know if there

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Demonstrate a conversion of chemical compounds to electromagnetic power?

electromagnetic power research on power: synchri query ? Demonstrate a conversion of chemical energy, electromagnetic Element of a chemistry project I am operating on, I asked "Demonstrate conversion of chemical power into electromagnetic energy." I have no thought how to do that. I watched till they are individually but as a transformation point, I do not know exactly where to commence .. at all. . Thanks for any aid in advance Finest Answer: Reply from zippythewonderslugohio use of a

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Transportation: Every single oil shortage / crisis / war could have been avoided (g1a2d0019c1)

Verify out this engine of perpetual motion: Transport : Each and every oil shortage / crisis / war could have been avoided (g1a2d0019c1) Image of watchingfrogsboil TRANSPORTATION: All oil shortage / crisis / war évitéeMondial could have a revolution: American Revolution two: Day 19: 15th Communications October 2011 (g1a2d0019c1) Part 1 of two Case of Energy Invention deletion (Gary et al Vesperman) Excerpts: In their efforts to increase the welfare of their fellow guys, who often

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New Free image of the magnetic energy

cooler without the magnetic power plans: secrets of the universe: the son of silk knit that heaven and earth part 2 Image of Pb Photography Title: The Son, that knit heaven and earth: photography, illustration, writing by Pranav Babu. The purpose of this photo is to aid men and women validated by scientific studies (quantum physics, psychology, kinesiology) can show how they actually are, how to manifest all your dreams into reality these days. Read on to uncover out how. I wrote a poetic

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Monday, April 2, 2012

what are the items I really should do to decrease my electricity bill?

Bill overall performance must keep in thoughts: question : What are the issues I should do to reduce my electricity bill I would like to know other peoples opinions on what they do to reduce their electricity bills. I modify my style and updated lamp model, light bulbs fluorescentes.donnez with me your concepts and comments Greatest Answer: Reply from regerugged Do not use electricity. What do you feel? Answer below!

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What sort of configuration of solar energy would I want to supply the energy needs of a single area?

Some Tip current Solar Power on Review: query Christopher D. : What type of configuration of solar power would I require to provide the power needs of a single space I live in the basement of a residence and you want to run my area on solar energy. I have two power strips that have a Television and DVD player, laptop, printer and two external challenging drives and I use a floor lamp in the space and couples. What kind of structure with solar panels would I want and what would be the

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nikola Tesla Cost-free Energy - Totally free of charge Energy Mill Strategies

Nikola Tesla Free of charge Power - Free of charge of charge Energy Mill Methods
Article by Bobbie Bailey
Turning out to be only a rumor or to carry out the Nikola Tesla zero-expense electric power generators plans and blueprints honestly is there?If discovering a Nikola Tesla expense power, fascinating rational to inquire of if this is correct that completely efforts generator subsist. I would like to let you know about what truly transpired in my encounter of late you may conduct yours worry

Tesla Power House

How do people live to be self-adequate?

self-adequate energy-tests: question ? how folks reside, to be self-adequate In an attempt to comprehend how individuals be themselves suffecient grow there own food is aninmals own farm, etc. .. Arent some plants as soon as a year by the plant? How can we hold so loaded with fresh fruit and vegetables in the retailer all through the year? I was looking into acquiring a property, and just about self-sufficient with my own animals, plants, etc. I just do not recognize how that is achievable

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